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#42 Museek should preserve the away-status after reconnecting museek_general Release 0.3 task 08/11/2006
#49 museek script could be in official sources museek_general Release 0.3 enhancement 11/12/2006
#84 Museek GTK 1.0.12, shared folder update want work. murmur task 01/12/2007
#99 desktop file uses different icon than the main program museeq task 12/09/2008
#113 museeq randomly hogging cpu museeq task 18/11/2008
#16 Overall Transfer rate counter in clients museeq wish 08/06/2006
#39 Change tray icon and/or window wicon when the user has unread messages museeq wish 22/10/2006
#11 !seen command like IRC museeq wish 05/06/2006
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